The Hot Metal Philharmonic??

What is that, some kind of rock band?

The HOT METAL PHILHARMONIC is a newly formed youth orchestra under the direction of conductor David Anderson. The Hot Metal part pays homage to Pittsburgh's industrial past, and the hard work of tens of thousands of men and women whose efforts contributed in making Pittsburgh a great city for the arts. The Philharmonic part is more complicated. In Greek, the word Philo means love of or for something, harmonika means music. So, philharmonic means a love of music. That is what HMP is about - providing an environment where your love of music can be nurtured.

There are still openings violin, viola, trombone, french horn, tuba and bassoon. Please contact us if your interested.

Music Titles JWPepper #

Music from “Gladiator”

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Pirates of the Caribbean

Berceuse and Finale

“Nutcracker” Three Dances

Overture to “Rienzi”

“Waltz” from Sleeping Beauty

Russian Christmas Music









Hot Metal Philharmonic,  522 Carnot Road,  Moon Township, PA  15108

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